Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Knowing Me, Knowing Yule (Christmas Special)

Alan Partridge Interviews The Milkybar Kid

Alan interviews the Milkybar Kid (played by Simon Pegg). The Milkybar Kid (real name Jonathan Pearce), now in his 30's, is an emotionally unstable, homosexual, ex drug addict and alcoholic. What Alan intends to be a lighthearted and humouous interview backfires spectacularly!

Mid Morning Matters Red Nose Day Special 2011

Alan Partridge Live 2009- "Forward Solutions"

Alan delivers his inspirational motivational seminar "Forward Soultions" (Sponsored by Whiskers).

Alan Partridge Election Night Special

Alan Partridge hosts the "light" item for the election coverage in 1997. Typically, the item goes badly wrong and results in Alan losing his temper.

Alan Partridge Documentary "Anglian Lives"

A fictional regional BBC show. This was presented by Ray Woollard (Peter Baynham, who had appeared previously in 'I'm Alan Partridge' as the voice box using executive from the boat holiday company in 'Watership Alan') and "Digital Dave", and was basically a sycophantic look at Alan's career, past and present; the credits listed it as being executively produced by Alan himself. It shed more detail on Alan's hatred of London, his Toblerone addiction, and his future.

Alan Partridge Interviews Simon Pegg & Noel Gallagher in 1998

Funny interview from "Live At The Lighthouse" in 1998. Partridge conducts a clumsy and hilarious interview with a gay charity worker (played by Simon Pegg) and the Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher.